Counting to 100 Marble Art


This marble rolling art project is a great way for the students to think about counting and to practice counting to 100 by ones. It is a fun project for the 100 days in school.


  • Is it important to know how to count?
  • What are things that we count?
  • How do we use counting in our life?
  • How can counting affect the way we share things?
  • Why do children like to count to 100?
  • Can marble painting be a good way to practice counting to 100?

You can ask the students to choose if they want to roll the marbles 100 times or until they are happy with their artwork.

If rolling one hundred times I suggest using one to two marbles only and a large paper, bigger than letter or A4 size.

The results will vary according to the number of marbles used, amount of paint on paper, consistency of the paint, and the number of colors the child chooses to use.


  • Thick paper such as cardboard.
  • Tray, box, drawer, etc. Anything you can use to put the paper inside. Try to find a container that you can fit the paper tight inside.
  • Poster paint.
  • One to three marbles

Place paper in the tray and put paint on the paper.

Roll the marbles one hundred times or until happy with your art.

Questions after the artwork is ready:

  • What affected the look of your artwork?
  • Why did you decide to roll the marbles the amount you did?
  • How do is your artwork similar and different to your friend’s?
  • If you had to do it again, what would you do differently?


Common Core Alignment:

K.CC.A.1 Know number names and the count sequence. Count to 100 by ones and by tens.


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