Rock Art #2


This is another type of rock art that is fun to make with natural materials. You can use regular tea light candles or LED ones. Continue reading


Animal Patterns



Animal Patterns

One interesting way to work with patterns is by exploring animal patterns. Continue reading

Rock Art


By sheer accident I found some rock art on Etsy, and fell in love with it. I then looked for rock art on Pinterest and I found many amazing designs. I printed some of them  and placed them with rocks and natural materials as a Reggio provocation. The purpose was to have the students think about rocks as art mediums to express feelings and communicate a message to someone they love.

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Rainbow Names


This is a great strategy to help the children write their names using the correct movement for each letter.

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Father’s Day Gift Reggio Inspired


Here is a cute Tic-Tac-Toe Father’s day gift that is fun for parents and children.

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Reggio Inspired Self-Portraits


Fun process, beautiful product and lots of language activities.

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Counting to 100 Marble Art


This marble rolling art project is a great way for the students to think about counting and to practice counting to 100 by ones. It is a fun project for the 100 days in school. Continue reading