Rainbow Names


This is a great strategy to help the children write their names using the correct movement for each letter.

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Father’s Day Gift Reggio Inspired


Here is a cute Tic-Tac-Toe Father’s day gift that is fun for parents and children.

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Reggio Inspired Self-Portraits


Fun process, beautiful product and lots of language activities.

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Counting to 100 Marble Art


This marble rolling art project is a great way for the students to think about counting and to practice counting to 100 by ones. It is a fun project for the 100 days in school. Continue reading

Number Line Made With Seeds

Number line made with seeds – Reggio Emilia inspired

Having the students make a number line is more meaningful for them and a lot of fun. We used seeds to make it. This activity is Reggio inspired, of course 🙂 Continue reading

Math Art – Printing Circles

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100 Days of School Pasta Art

Materials: One or more kinds of pasta, cardboard or poster board, glue, Mod Podge, paintbrush.

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